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    Julie M. Cox F.I.D.T.A. & Geoff Cox

    Directions Theatre Arts was founded in 1994 by Julie M. Cox F.I.D.T.A. a qualified dance teacher and her husband Geoff Cox a musician. DTA covers all aspects of Musical Theatre tuition DANCE, DRAMA and SINGING for social achievement, professional contracts and the teaching profession. Former DTA students have gone on to perform on Cruise Ships (COSTA CRUISES, FRED OLSEN, mv DISCOVERY, P&O, OCEAN VILLAGE, CARNIVAL & PRINCESS) plus and in the West End musicals MAMMA MIA, EVITA, GREASE, HEAVEN SENT to name a few and plays such as DINNER LADIES UK Tour. Other pupils at DTA have used their experiences to assist with their confidence and character building.

    All teachers are fully qualified and hold a current enhanced CRB disclosures and work to a policy of ATTITUDE: to be positive, ABILITY: to bring out the best in each individual, AMBITION: helping to nurture dreams whilst being realistic.

    Foreword from

    Carly Hopkinson-Paoli

    “One thing I think DTA is tremendously successful at is providing students with stage experience”

    What can I say about my time spent at Directions Theatre Arts- it is where some of my fondest memories were created.

    From an early age I lived and breathed music. My training led me to study at some of the UKs most prestigious performing arts and music conservatories, but the building blocks of stage craft and my confidence as a performer were laid at DTA.

    During my time at the school I took part in many great productions, and all shows were staged in professional theatres with a paying audience and reviewed by local newspapers. This meant we were responsible as performers to a public audience who had paid good money to see us- and gave me invaluable stage experience.

    Looking back this experience was priceless.

    As I moved into the classical musical world my time on stage often put me head and shoulders above my contempararies. It is a quality that continues to stand out in DTA students today. They always look so comfortable on stage and ooze professionalism.

    Its no secret the music industry is one of the most brutal professions, where coping with rejection is vital to a performer and was one of the earliest lessons I was taught at DTA. Not just how to accept rejection but more importantly how to pick yourself up and have the determination to succeed.

    Its not always easy. But the incredible support from the teachers and students at DTA never failed to spur me on and gave me the drive to keep going and never give up.


    Carly Hopkinson-Paoli

    Foreword from


    The diverse training Directions Theatre Arts has given to myself and many others has enabled us to be equipped for what this career demands

    Dan dueting here with another alumni Ami Evans.

    I started Directions Theatre Arts at the age of 16 having never done a dance step or sang a note in my life. The 3 years I spent training there were phenomenal. The training was intense and working with great teachers and alongside such talented friends provided me with the platform and opportunities needed to start my career. Doing regular festivals and competitions gave me the experience I would later use in auditions in London, as the urge to win and get the job are the same in this business.

    The diverse training Directions Theatre Arts has given to myself and many others has enabled us to be equipped for what this career demands – from ballet to gymnastics, musical theatre to improvisation. The more you can do, the better.

    I achieved my first job with Costa Cruises as a dancer, auditioning whilst at Directions and when I got back I auditioned straight away for Disneyland Paris. After doing two six month contracts abroad, I decided I wanted to take my musical theatre studies even further and auditioned for The Arts Educational school in London.

    Studying for another 3 years and gaining a degree in Musical Theatre. I came straight out of college into a pantomime at The Grand Theatre in Blackpool and when I finished that short stint I returned to London to start auditioning for all the shows. After a lot of rejection and getting to the finals and being cut – I received my big break – I was invited to join the cast of Mamma Mia! I have now been in the show nearly 2 years, I met my fiancée and we now have a 6 month old baby boy.

    To wrap it all up, being a student of Directions Theatre Arts gave me confidence, inspiration, drive, the urge to succeed and not give up, and above all the mindset that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

    If I’d have never stepped through those DTA doors, I wouldn’t have the perfect life I have now…

    Thank you,

    Dan Baker 


    ‘The diverse training Directions Theatre Arts has given to myself

    and many others has enabled us to be equipped for what this career demands’

    I’m delighted to have the opportunity to sing the praises of Directions Theatre Arts. Since collborating with Geoff & Julie some time ago on a charity show for a local school I have been constantly impressed by the dedication, hard work and professionalism that is the trademark of the Directions Theatre Arts concept. By delivering the ‘Complete Package’ time after time, DTA always guarantee total satisfaction of managements and 100% enjoyment to audiences across the land. Finally the talent they have produced is awesome

    I have been lucky during my career to have worked alongside some of the biggest stars in Musical Theatre and can say, hand on heart that the boys and girl students of DTA would hold their own in any company. Their skills and confidence gained by being taught by the right people in the right environment will stand them in good stead where ever they go. May I wish DTA the very best of luck in the future and I say that Geoff, Julie & Team share my philosophy knowing…The Harder You Work the Luckier You Get’.

    Bernie Clifton, 2007


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