I believe the fundamental method to begin singing lessons requires the student to understand a little of our bodies anatomy.

Regardless of the style and sound the student wishes to create it is important the energy of the sound is created in the diaphragm, not only does this produce a natural well supported sound, it prevents strain on the larynx which after long periods of training can result in nodules.

Obviously depending on the age of the student discussing the bodies anatomy can become a little complicated so I feel it is necessary to focus a little on the student’s breathing at the beginning of the lesson developing the correct breathing technique to sing so that in time it becomes automatic.

After focusing on the biology of singing we move on to the art form and this should be very enjoyable. Everyone is unique and has different tastes no matter what age. I like students to have a choice of singing material, obviously with the tutors guidance we choose the pieces which are suitable in helping the voice to develop.

Many of the students find the opportunity that Directions Theatre Arts offers helps them perform the pieces they have been working on correctly as beforehand we make time to break down the song and pick out key words, so we can begin to think about how it should be performed. Obviously projection and clarity of words in a musical theatre genre is vital as songs deliver much of the storey line.

Regardless of if the student is pursuing a career in performing arts or purely singing for pleasure singing is a huge confidence and self esteem booster, and encourages developing artistic flair for that very special time on stage.