We are very sorry to have to reschedule our open day, this is due to a unforeseen event which cannot be avoided.

If you were hoping to attend and would like further information on reschedule date please contact us at email address below.


On the 20th January 2019 we shall be hosting an open day for anyone to come by and have a look around our facilities, meet our staff and view and/or take part in a selection of classes for children ages 3-18years.

Selection of classes which will be on offer are;

  • Musical Theatre
  • Ballet
  • Jazz

The day will run from 11am – 2pm, no need to book just come by and enjoy!

Please bare in mind that the selection of classes are just a sample of what we offer, and to cater for a large variety of skill levels the sample classes may differ in skill level a child would be placed into during normal classes.


If you have any questions please get in touch at: