DTA defines the actor’s role as Storyteller, Artist, Communicator and commentator. Our training works on our students’ emotional and intellectual engagement with the world around them.

Drama is a collaborative art form. We place great emphasis on the individual’s responsibility to the group and the group’s responsibility to the individual.

Nothing is more important than the cultivation of an environment in which creativity can flourish. Risk-taking, barrier-breaking and exploration can only occur because attitudes of mutual respect, support and celebration are firmly embedded within the School.

The Drama lessons try to meet the individual needs of the students, they also develop transferable skills such as Teamwork, Leadership, Communication and time management.

These drama lessons are designed for students with less experience and for those who wish to develop their skills before pursuing additional vocational training. The lessons are taught through a combination of technical classes, scene study and workshop presentations, Technical classes – including acting, audition technique, improvisation, movement, singing, textual analysis and interpretation, scene study and workshop presentations.

Throughout their time at DTA, students are encouraged to see as much theatre as possible.